Ever heard of the words Toe Beans or Zoomies, how about Blep?  If not, dont worry we’ve got you covered!

The internet can be a weird and wonderful place at times and these terms are just an example of what happens when internet communities get together to rename things. 

Below are just a few of the many alternative names used online to describe all things animal related in an adorable and fun way!

 Take a look at at some of our favourites…

Toe Beans

These are the squishy pads under your cats paws that resemble Jelly Beans, the picture says it all.


A blep is when your pet sticks out a tiny bit of its tongue for a long period of time.


Those random bursts of energy that your pet gets which result in them running around like a crazy animal .


A floof describes the fluffiest of the fluffiest furballs out there.

Boop the Snoot

A snoot is an animals nose, the term “boop the snoot” means touch the nose.

Tippy Taps

Those adorable moments when your dog taps their feet, usually before dinner or a treat.

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The Petpaw Team